India-US trade relations have the opportunity for Make in India, America First visions


Encouraging both the US and India to foster environments that grow businesses and advance economic opportunity, Dinesh Paliwal, President, and CEO of Harman International said the US-India relationship is a powerful bond that has produced enormous value and advancements for both countries and the world over – from technology and industry to culture and education.

“By promoting and stimulating closer collaboration, particularly through the increased flow of trade, knowledge and diplomatic relations, we stand to create enormous value for companies, communities, and individuals of both nations,” he said.

“The endeavors led in partnership by Prime Minister Modi, influential organizations like the USIBC and U.S. industry are critical to this endeavor,” Paliwal said. According to Ajay Singh, CEO of Spicejet, India-US trade relations have the opportunity like never before of growing exponentially under Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Make in India’ and President Trump’s ‘America First’ visions.

“The synergy between the two must be explored and exploited towards mutual benefit,” he said.

“SpiceJet is pleased to have announced an order of 205 Boeing 737 Max aircraft worth USD 22 billion, creating or sustaining 132,000 jobs in the US An additional order of 20 airplanes was announced June 19, further adding 13,000 jobs in the US,” he said.

“There is now an opportunity for technologically advanced American companies to ‘Make in India’, including the likes of Boeing, to build commercial airplane parts in India. Please come and leverage the advantages of not only the fastest growing economy in the world but also the fastest growing aviation market in the world,” Singh said.

USIBC president Mukesh Aghi said both governments prioritise their domestic and foreign trade policies. “We congratulate President Trump and Prime Minister Modi on having completed a successful first round of talks and look forward to future engagements,” Aghi said.